New Website Launched

Here at Lolliprops we believe in helping to not only make your event stand out, but also in helping to make your planning all that much easier with our range of props for hire.

With that in mind we’ve designed our brand new website so that you can easily search through our 1000’s of props by theme to find what will work for your event and also create your very own wish list in one place.

We know our props inside out and upside down and we know which pieces work best for each theme. As you browse through the themes you will see an amazing selection of props & furniture that reflects the style of that theme and also shows you options that perhaps you hadn’t thought of or considered before.

Each prop you see has been photographed in-house so what you see is exactly what you get. Full dimensions are also listed to allow you to plan your space and event layout and we also suggest other themes that the prop can be used in.

Wish List

Our Wish List facility is the first of its kind in prop rental here in Ireland and we think you will like it! When you see a prop you like simply click on the ‘Add to List’ button on that page and continue on with viewing. At any stage, you can view your list by clicking ‘View My List’ at the top of each page.

You can send download your list into a pdf and use it in a number of ways.

  • Send it to us for an itemised quote
  • Share it with your colleagues for team review
  • Send to your client as part of your proposal
  • Include it in your event control documentation